Portsmouth Already Planning To Remove CAZ

Portsmouth City Council are discussing beefing up their air quality monitoring systems including a continuous monitoring station by the Catholic Cathedral. The motivation seems to be they want to know when the proposed Clean Air Zone can be removed(!?) after air quality improves.

The CAZ will remain in force until there is firm evidence that an improvement in NO2 levels below limit value requirements have been achieved and maintained. PCC will therefore need to undertake appropriate monitoring and assessment of air quality levels in order to evaluate whether the measures implemented through the LAQP are having the anticipated impact, need adjusting, or are still needed if they have accomplished their air quality improvement outcomes.

Again, focusing on doing the absolute minimum rather than protecting public health. It seems reckless to be spending money on removing air quality measures when what they propose is far from certain to work at all! 😠 Perhaps spend the money on actually fixing the problem?

PS. I am told that DEFRA/JAQU will be responding to the proposed clean air zone (plus other measures) by the end of the month.

UPDATE: I am now told the DEFRA response has been delayed until the end of Feb.