Pompey Street Space: Make Portsmouth Streets Safe

Portsmouth residents are walking and cycling in record numbers; this is good for controlling COVID-19, good for health, good for reducing congestion, and good for air quality.

However, as lockdown eases, we need to ensure that residents can keep walking and cycling safely.


Acting now is important: the more that traffic levels rise, the more dangerous it is to cycle and for pedestrians to keep 2 metres apart by using road space.

Our requests

To keep us all safe, we are asking that, with immediate effect, the council:

  1. Widen narrow pavements in busy streets so that people can keep 2 metres apart whilst walking, queuing, etc.
  2. Create a network of roads throughout the city that are cycle and pedestrian priority
  3. Create commuter cycle routes to allow people who usually travel by public transport to get quickly and safely to work by bike.

Croydon, Manchester, Brighton and other cities have shown these changes can put be in place quickly using low cost ‘pop up’ measures such as footway extension, thermoplastic tape, bollards and planters.

Please sign our petition asking Portsmouth City Council to do the same using the temporary powers granted to them.

Who we are

Pompey Street Space is a joint campaign by Portsmouth Friends of the Earth, Portsmouth Cycle Forum, Let Pompey Breathe, XR Portsmouth, Portsmouth Green Drinks, and Portsmouth Playing Out.

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