Shades of Green is an eco passion project by Emma Murphy and Tamara Groen. Focusing on their attempts to live greener lives in Portsmouth, posts are published on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. Usually.

Emma Murphy

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m the co-founder of the Shades of Green Blog about greener living in Portsmouth.

I am also the Portsmouth Green Party Candidate for Hilsea (2018 & 2019).

Why You Should Vote for Me:
I’ve lived in Portsmouth my whole life, so I’ve seen many citizens who are frustrated with the lack of sustainability and environmental protections in the city.  Things have gotten better in many ways since the mid-2000s, but we still have a long way to go. If elected to the city council, I would champion a cleaner city with better recycling, a stringent air quality action plan, and better facilities for the people of Portsmouth. The people of Portsmouth deserve a cleaner, greener city and a Green Councillor would go a long way to making that a reality.

Tamara Groen

I am Tamara, the co-founder of Shades of Green blog. I started this blog with Emma in 2017 because I wanted to share my attempts to be green within my daily life. It is a way to celebrate what we are achieving as individuals, as a green community in Portsmouth and local Green Party campaigners. I often experience overwhelm and ‘green guilt’ and this blog helps me see that I am achieving change.

I am also the Portsmouth Green Party candidate for the Milton ward (2018 & 2019).

Why You Should Vote For Me:
With Trinidadian heritage and a Pompey postcode for over a decade, I will bring a green perspective and representation of women of colour to the makeup of the council.
A foster carer who supports unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people, I am a strong believer in social justice and equality.  I like to spend my time relaxing but I cannot stand by while our city’s air is unbreathable, refugees are turned away, affordable housing is non-existent and green spaces destroyed as our city becomes an island of traffic jams.

As your Green Councillor, I want to make Portsmouth a better place to live, work, grow up and grow old in. My key concerns are Portsmouth’s dangerous air quality, low recycling rates, unsafe roads for cyclists and the lack of resources and support for those experiencing homelessness and seeking asylum.